a rustic resort dedicated to music, art, family and the wide open sky

Got land?

In 2009, after a year of being married, my husband Jon Edwards (Jonny) and I built an online “vision board” of a camping/music event space we dubbed “Wish Rock Ranch”.  

Family friendly camping, live music, kid camps, artist retreats, etc. It’s been simmering for over 7 years and we’re ready to make it, or a variation of it, happen. We have a double wide trailer and freelance income that will allow us to continue our careers from our dream location. The original plan included us purchasing the land but now we know it makes more sense to combine efforts with a rural winery, brewery or camp ground that is looking for help with promotion and events and/or maintenance and caretaking. We have a pretty wide range of skills between us and we’ve built our reputations as hardworking, honest people over the last 18 years in San Diego. If you’re interested in talking more about the possibility of us working together, please give me a shout. If not, thank you for taking the time to read this and best of luck to you this summer! Xo

Cathyn Beeks -