a rustic resort dedicated to music, art, family and the wide open sky


"Wish Rock Ranch" is the working title of a long time dream of ours, Cathryn and Jon Edwards. I built this website in 2009 as an online "vision board". The vision has changed over the years and now with all of the changes and uncertainty due to covid, we think it's a great time to finally make a version of this happen. We want to build a place folks can visit to safely enjoy the best things in life in a relaxed and beautiful environment under an open sky. Socially distanced acoustic concerts, camping festivals, retreats, workshops, weddings and so much more. Thank you for visiting the site and taking a look at our Wish Rock Ranch "wish list". Contact

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Us Edwards

Jon and Cathryn Edwards have over 40 years of combined experience producing and promoting live music camping events. Their love of the outdoors and knack for gathering good people and providing family-friendly activities will make Wish Rock a unique experience. "Wish Rock" is the working title but the official name is to be determined. They're seeking property and partners to make this dream a reality. Interested folks can contact

The Wish Rock. Located in a desert near you, rumored to grant wishes of those who embrace it... most effective during the full moon. Cathryn has been hugging rocks for years in the hopes of making Wish Rock Ranch a reality. She even wrote a song about it, goes a little something like this...